Sunday, February 7, 2010

Child Prostitution in Singkawang!

PONTIANAK - In 1997, there was a very disturbing incident of humanity in Singkawang. A married couple with three children, all under the age of 10 years, chose together to end his life by drinking poison, because it felt it could no longer bear the burden of life.

They found people in a lifeless condition in a rickety shack three days later, after noses stinging stench surrounding community. Together efforts to end life, never presented to one neighbor, a week before that terrible incident.

In such a context that, some ethnic Tionghoa (Chinese) often take shortcuts, such as diperistri willing stranger, for example, from Taiwan or Hong Kong, provided that both parents have a decent life insurance. There is also a living as prostitutes, with operations ranging from petty localization region, star hotels until she calls at a rate of more than Rp 1 million.

In Singkawang, to obtain an order amoy (Chinese girl) quite easily, provided that familiar with the pimp. If the price match, the pimp be happy to bring every man masher to meet orders, for the next date in one place, according to agreement.
These same legislators according to West Kalimantan Province, Drs Herman Hofi Munawar, that the city dubbed Singkawang Amoy has negative connotations, which is easy for commercial sex workers (PSK) of Chinese descent.

Herman is not too much. Robertus Amiau, one of the youth activities in Singkawang, estimates, no fewer than 100 women under the age of the descendants of the area as a prostitute by profession.

"Foster Child"
Look gait Liem Pheng Tjia, one of the famous pimp in Singkawang. Male children aged two and 37 years claimed to have 'foster child' more than 30 people who all Chinese women teenager. Operate foster children around Alianyang and Jalan Jalan Diponegoro.

"At 20.00 pm the stock is always low. Pemesan usually most of Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam, West Kalimantan and beyond (West Kalimantan), ranging from government officials to private sector officials. I also can not understand why amoy Singkawang home has its own charm for every man masher, "Liem said, giggling.

Amoy satisfying way of life that desire tortuous. TJU Fha (17 years) claimed to be prostitutes actually knowing both parents. In fact, since last year, the first child of four brothers who all these women, virtually became the backbone of the family. He quit school when sitting in class in high school, because her father as a vegetable seller a stroke paralyzed.

"Sometimes little hearts cry. But what the hell, it was already, and way of life already set like this. I do not know when it will end. But I have to support his parents and three sisters," said TJU.

Besides the economic demands, making TJU was already accustomed contracted in a certain time limit by a man masher. TJU willing to carry everywhere, so overseas though, as long as rates as expected and can be paid in advance. To anticipate something that is not desirable, before TJU must agree with her male friends, so any time can contact her parents at home.

Angela Lie (18 years), admitted falling into the black world, because his parents divorce. In 2000, her mother ran off with another man who caused his father's profession as a carpenter massage experience severe stress. Angela with one younger brother, and then entrusted with one of the paternal family.

Without warning, in one night, a friend of relative child in a drunken, raping Angela. Because of shame, Angela and then did not dare tell anyone. But three months later, Angela is known pregnant, and then aborted. In a troubled mind, Angela who just received his second grade junior high education, eventually receiving an offer for one of his acquaintances to his dark world.

If you saw the appearance Susana Liu Suan (17 years) the youngest of three brothers, everyone probably would not have thought that women who attended the class 1 high school, living as satisfying desire lust man masher. Brief Susan, call familiar, seemed very calm, polite, pretty, tall, slim, well dressed and still always be careful in speaking.

Just what distinguishes Susan, highlighting his sharp and sometimes far away. Moreover, if we want to explore the journey of his life. "I have no hope of anything else. But I do not want to blame anybody," he said.
Chairman of the Legal Aid Association of Women for Justice (LBH APIK) Kalbar, Hairiah rate, prostitution of minors in West Kalimantan, especially from China in Singkawang, more based on economic factors. But it could have implications for the social impact is complex. Among other things, the level of the indicated disease transmission tends to increase every year.

Meanwhile, within the last 10 years, from 1993 to 2003, the Government Office Health Office of West Kalimantan Province (Kalimantan) reported that there were 121 people infected with human immunodeficiency virus disease / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS). A total of 74 of whom are indigenous people of West Kalimantan.

As many as 47 other people, is the national fishing Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. New foreign citizens caught HIV / AIDS after being reviewed medical team when he was undergoing legal process, which employs the ship because they do illegal fishing in Indonesian territory.

Most of the indigenous people of West Kalimantan 74 who are HIV / AIDS is a woman who worked as prostitutes in several major cities in Indonesia. The poor woman had just returned Kalbar, when tested positive for HIV / AIDS.

"Most of them come from Singkawang and Sambas. The government can not restrict the level of interaction they are at the center of society, despite previously been warned to be able to insulate themselves," said historical Zulkarnaen, Head of West Kalimantan provincial health office.

Toris said, the exposure of the residents of West Kalimantan 74 positive HIV / AIDS as well as showing the deadly disease transmission was in serious condition. (*)